2021 Mystic Passion Women's Seat Harness - Black

2021 Mystic Passion Women's Seat Harness



  • Soft edges
  • Double power leash rings
  • Neoprene padded legstraps
  • Adjustable side release buckle on the legstraps
  • Grab handle on the back
  • Heavy duty seat part
  • Specialized female shape
  • Multi hook | Bananabar | low torque fixation

Size Guide


Neoprene padded legstraps

Seat harnesses are supposed to be comfortable. These neoprene padded leg straps will give you the comfort you need.

Grab handle on the back

This handle gives your kite buddy the opportunity to assist you when it's a little too windy out on the beach and you want to have someone that got your back.

Heavy duty seat part

Sand, salt and shells are not the best combination for your harness. That's why we enforced the seat part with extra wear resistant fabric to help you through the toughest conditions.

Specialized female shape

There are countless body types. We did our best to shape this harness to fit the female body in the best way.

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