2021 Naish S25 Hokua GTW SUP

2021 Naish S25 Hokua GTW SUP 

Sizes: 8'6", 9'0",9'6"


Ideal for intermediate-to-advanced waveriders, the Hokua GTW Series allows riders to make the most of every wave. Collaborating with Gerry Lopez, the focus was on predictable, easy-to-ride designs that deliver super smooth carving. These boards adapt to many different riding styles, whether they trim through the mid-section or aggressively ride from the tail. They feature a fast paddling rocker that allows for early wave entry with enough tail rocker to be snappy in the pocket. The bottom shaping is optimized for stability with single concave in the stance area which channels into a double-V tail section for optimized channeling through the fins.The Hokua series
are for riders who are looking for versatile SUP surfing performance in any kind of surf condition-from slow and mushy to fast and powerful.


  • Five Fin Boxes = Versatility to be ridden as both thruster or quad
  • Moderate Rocker = Fast paddling to catch waves early and efficiently
  • Single to Double-V Bottom Shaping = Stable underfoot and optimized for turning

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