2021 Naish S25 Maliko Carbon SUP

2021 Naish S25 Maliko Carbon SUP 

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The S25 Maliko continues to carry the legacy of being one of the fastest all-around raceboards in the world. Winner of the 2019 Red Bull Heavy Water and APP Sprint World Title, the Maliko is just as fast in flat water as it is in short course surf and downwind racing. The slightly raised nose rocker, combined with the added volume in the nose, widens the sweet spot for trimming when on a glide and creates a smooth nose entry when connecting bumps.

The rails have been refined with a smooth, rounded nose that transitions into a forgiving midsection, which finally morphs into sharp rails through the tail. The sharp rails through the tail create a clean release for higher top speeds when on a glide, while adding excellent control when steering and connecting bumps. The pintail also adds to the top speed while maintaining control when surfing downwind. Whether you're racing on the world's biggest stage or paddling for fitness and downwind enjoyment, the Maliko is the standard for all-water performance.

Maliko 14'0" X23 is ideal for riders up to 190 lbs/86 kg

Maliko 14'0" X26 is ideal for riders up to 210 lbs/95 kg

Maliko 14'0" X28 is ideal for riders up to 230 lbs/104 kg


  • Recessed Deck = Increased stability
  • Increased Volume in Nose = Smooth entry when connecting bumps
  • Soft Center Rails = Forgiving in cross-chop
  • Sharp Tail Release Pintail = Clean release for optimized top speed

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