2021 Naish S26 Foil Mast - Deep Tuttle

2021 Naish S26 Foil Mast - Deep Tuttle

Available Sizes:85 | 95

The aluminum masts feature a 13.3 cm wide and stable chord for stability at all speeds. Double fastened and bonded end caps provide a secure connection to your board and fuselage.  *Available in direct connect, abracadabra, and deep tuttle.

Choose between:

  • Mast with Standard plate - 55cm, 65 cm, 75 cm, 85 cm & 95 cm
  • Mast with Abracadabra - 75 cm & 85cm (sold as complete Abracadabra System)
  • Mast with Deep Tuttle - 85 cm & 95 cm


  • Deep Tuttle and fuselage are screwed and bonded for increased strength and reliability
  • Wide and stable base for stability at all speeds
  • NEW Triple stringer structure for increased stiffness and durability
  • Includes 3x 25 mm M6 SS Torx Screws to mount fuselage to mast
  • Does NOT include screws to mount mast to board

S26 Deep Tuttle Foil Mast Naish

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