2021 Naish S26 Hover Kite Crossover Foilboard

2021 Naish S26 Hover Kite Crossover Foilboard

Available Sizes: 4'6" | 4'10" | 5'2"



  • Wider/faster outlines
  • Increased volume per size compared to last year
  • Increased nose rocker
  • False wing with round pin tail


  • Foil kiting, wave kiting, strapless kiting, wakesurfing, wakefoiling, foil surfing, wing-surfing
  • Comes with thruster fin set up and tracks for a foil
  • Great for carving tight turns at lower speeds


  • EPS closed cell core with high density foam reinforcements around the foil tracks
  • Precise CNC cut shape
  • Carbon reinforcement
  • High tensile fiberglass for outstanding strength-to-weight ratio
  • Strapless impact resistant heel patch for strength + improved load spread
  • Bamboo laminate for natural load spread + energetic flex
  • Closed cell core for less water absorption in case of a ding
  • (2) 10” US boxes for convenient foil adjustment

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