2022 Duotone Wam Kite Surfboard

2022 Duotone Whip Kite Surfboard

Available Sizes : 5'6" 5'8" 5'10"

All-rounder, small to medium waves

Art.-No. 44220-3405

The Wam is the most popular surfboard in the range, capable of handling every type of wave and performing at the highest-level while being incredibly user friendly.

Key Features

Duotone Wam 2022

All-round high-performance board

A high-performance kite surfboard for any conditions, the best allrounder in the range.

Controlled bottom turns

Very easy and controlled bottom turns, even when performed with loads of speed.

Explosive top turns

Due to a lively shape and great grip, top turns are super explosive.

Cork Shock Absorber

A cork deck makes the board durable with a lot of feedback for the rider.

Classic Construction

The classic durable Duotone surfboard construction.

Foot strap inserts

For bigger waves or simply your personal preference, foot strap inserts are offered.

SIZES 5'6" x 18 1/8" x 2 1/8" 5'8" x 18 3/8" x 2 1/4" 5'10" x 18 5/8" x 2
VOLUME 23L 24,8L 26,9L
WEIGHT 45-70kg 55-75kg 70-90kg
BOARD WEIGHT* 3,3kg 3,4kg 3,6kg


Duotone Wam 2022

The Wam has been an incredibly popular board ever since its launch; it has become the go-to surfboard for many riders. It has always been capable of handling a wide variety of conditions and wave sizes. It also works well as a first-time wave board and is also the competition board of choice for surf style pro riders like Sebastian Ribeiro. For 2022, Sky Solbach, our legendary shaper, wanted to bring the shape up to date with modern trends. These updates have ensured the Wam remains at the pinnacle of the sport. There is now even more volume under the front foot to increase the speed and flow when you need it. There is now an increased rocker and more outline curve to ensure you can unlock radical vertical performance on the wave in almost any wave size. This new shape puts the Wam firmly at the top of high-performance surfboard design. One of the best features though, is how easily accessible this performance is; the board is effortless to ride and perfect for all levels of rider. The Bamboo Tech construction is also really durable, making it perfect as a daily driver that will get a lot of use. The fast, lively and agile feel offers a dynamic and exciting ride in a huge variety of conditions. If you want one board to rule them all in the waves, the Wam is as good as it gets.

Tech Features

Duotone Hybrid SLS

Cork Shock Absorber

Cork offers excellent absorption characteristics and reforms entirely without leaving any visible dents in contrast to PVC. Therefore, it is applied as a damper in the heel area of the surfboards.

Bamboo Tech

Bamboo is a sustainable material and comes with amazing technical characteristics. Our bamboo tech surfboards feature a high strength to weight ratio with great resistance to dents and perforations. The resulting boards are very durable and provide high performance riding characteristics.

Grab Rails

Grab Rails for easier freestyle tricks, durability and comfortable general riding.

Strapped or strapless

Board is delivered with inserts so straps can be mounted.

Responsive Flex

Using bamboo in our surf boards, we take full advantage of the dynamic qualities of this natural product. Optimized layers and the mix with composite materials help us to construct powerful, agile and versatile surf boards that come with a unique flex – responsive flex!


All boards now come with our own Futures Fins compatible fin boxes. Two side set screws and no rear tab allow for a wider tolerance of fin fitting and ensure a perfect and tight fit every time whether you’re using our high quality composite fins or any stock after market Futures brand fin. Easy to install and uninstall even with Sand and Salt. 


Classic Construction

This classic layup is the result of all our years of development to create a durable, all-round strapped / strapless construction that combines the best elements of flex and feel with a durable construction that is proven to be far superior in strength to weight ratio than any other technology available. PLEASE NOTE: Inspired by the Light Team Construction the bottom of the Classic Construction now offers two light weight bamboo strips and an unidirectional glass beam outside the lamination to prevent buckling.

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