2022 North Sense Foilboard

2021 North Sense Foilboard

Available Size: 135x47 cm


Board, Sense Screw Pack (4x M8x23mm), Foil Strap Screws (5x M6x18mm, 5x M6x20mm). Straps sold separately.


Step up your foiling game with roll to ride water starts, magic glide, fast set up and fuss-free travelling. The Sense delivers strength and performance in a lightweight and durable wood core construction. Even on the lightest wind days, this board is your gateway to new adventures.


  • Low volume and neutral buoyancy
  • Improved board stiffness
  • Low profile shape
  • Free and Free-V Foil Strap Inserts
  • Fast-mounting 165x90mm foil connection
  • Max-grip corduroy deckpad
  • Affordable performance
  • Foil sold separately

Effortless take-offs

Low volume and neutral buoyancy

Improved board stiffness

For more direct feel and control. New lighter weight composite construction with a durable Paulownia wood core provides stiffness for a more direct feel and powerful foil response. Ideal for landing freestyle tricks.

Low profile shape

With durable ABS rails - perfect for fuss-free travel, freeride kite or wake foiling. A ton of fun on those no-wind days.

165x90mm foil mounting

The quick-setup four-point screw-in connection system provides a stable base for efficient load transfer. Industry standard bolt spacing 165 x 90mm

Max-grip deckpad with Foil Strap Inserts

The max-grip corduroy deck pad provides a comfortable grip and visual stance referencing. Customise your stance with 5 different positioning options for each strap - or go strapless. (Straps sold separately)

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