2022 North Swell Surf Foilboard

2022 North Swell Surf Foilboard

For Pre-Order Only in Sizes: 3'10" | 4'1" | 4'4" | 4'7" | 4'10"


Board, DropBox Screw Pack (4x M8x30mm, 4x T-Nuts)


Happy to pump. Greedy for more. The Swell’s short, compact outline is shaped for efficient energy transfer across endless lumps and bumps. Its lightweight yet durable hybrid carbon construction is stiff, responsive and maneuverable. Stable, fast-release take-offs? Sorted. Effortless touchdown recovery? Goes without saying. And we’ve cracked the code on the sweet spot - where you can settle in without shifting your feet. With a redefined rocker and redistributed volume, the 2022 Swell delivers a more forgiving ride with improved wave-fit, crisper release, exceptional pumpability and efficient paddling. New easy to grab concaved forward rails make pop-ups from prone to standing a breeze. And we’ve nudged the rear strap inserts further back for a wider stance with more comfort and stability when up on the foil in straps. The board’s longitudinal deck grip features a centreline ridge and transverse markers for tactile and visual stance referencing. The integrated tail kickpad features cutouts for your feet while prone paddling. And the wedged tail shape reduces the overall length, improving the pumpability. Pocket frother. Foam chaser. No wave is 'too” anything for the Swell.


  • Redefined rocker line
  • Deeper recessed deck for increased control and pumpability
  • Modified compact outline with widepoint further forward
  • Easy to grab bevelled rails
  • Crisp release tapered tail
  • Effortless touchdown recovery
  • New customisable strap insert positions
  • Hybrid Carbon Technology
  • Integrated PVC structural stringer system
  • DropBox Adjustable Fast Foil Mounting Track
  • GORE™ waterproof 2-way vent
  • Corduroy Deck Grip with tactile and visual stance reference

Redefined rocker line

For 2022, we’ve increased the Swell’s nose and tail rocker, improving its wave fit and release off the water. If you do touch down during a turn, rather than catch and lose momentum, the reshaped rocker allows you to continue the turn and make full use of the foil’s momentum.

Deeper recessed deck

We’ve increased the amount of deck concave, especially in the standing area, for increased control and pumpability. The recessed deck positions the rider’s feet lower inside the board for greater leverage, responsiveness, and heel/toe roll control.

Modified compact outline

The shorter the board, the more effective it is for pumping, the less swing weight, and more manoeuvrable it is when riding up on the foil.

Easy to grab bevelled rails

New grip-friendly concaved forward rails make pop-ups from prone to standing child's play.

Tapered tail

The defined release edge on the tail allows for earlier take-offs. The wedged tail shape reduces the overall length and improves the pumpability of the foil.

Effortless touchdown recovery

The V-shape in the bottom contour of the board breaks the water surface on touch down, so the board touches down gently and releases quickly, without sticking. The V also helps to funnel air under the board, which helps it to release faster.

New customisable strap insert positions

Multiple positioning options for each strap allow you to personalise your stance - or go strapless.

Hybrid Carbon Technology

Lighter weight construction for stiffness, manoeuvrability, and glide. The stiffer the board, the better it will pump and the more responsive it feels.

Integrated PVC structural reinforcement

The DropBox foil mounting tracks are embedded into a high-density closed-cell PVC block. Two high-density PVC stringers are glued to each side of this block, distributing the load lengthwise, and the full system connects the top and bottom laminate skins for maximum support.


Speed-dial your foil setup. Simply drop your foil pre-assembled with screws and t-nuts into the track, slide it backwards, then tighten the screws to fasten.

GORE™ waterproof 2-way vent

The EPS core of a high volume board is affected by extreme temperature changes. To prevent air pressure build-up we’ve installed a two-way GORE™ Protective Vent on the top deck.

Corduroy Deck Grip

For a more intuitive and direct connection to your foil, the comfort-grip longitudinal corduroy with centre-line ridge allows fast, easy tactile foot placement. Tail-kickpad with cutouts on the Swell for your feet while prone paddling. Transverse markers on the deckpad provide a visual reference, giving you added confidence to adjust your stance.

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