2022 Slingshot PFH 657mm Front Wing V1 (743 cm2 SW)

2022 Slingshot PFH 657mm Front Wing V1 (743 cm2 SW)


The PFH 657 is a very unique high-performance medium aspect front wing that gives it limitless speed, agility, maneuverability and carving performance.


Package Includes:PFH 657 Front Wing

This front wing will usher in a new realm of speed and performance while still providing great stability and tracking. The smaller span of the PFH 657 front wing and its Medium Aspect shape and design results in progressive speed and next level maneuverability. If you are looking for a modern blend of speed and precision-turning this front wing will deliver space age performance. The PFH 657 wing's unique inverted gull shape not only maintains the speed you want, but also delivers an unmatched progressive roll rate that delivers superior response and feel than flatter wings. This progressive roll rate means Jibing, Tacking, carving and any sort of transition will become your new metrics for fun. The Phantasm 657 will have you quite literally foiling circles around your friends.



The PFH 657 front wing was built to deliver unmatched carving, speed and dynamic-turning performance.


•Our most extreme package for limitless speed, agility and radical carving performance.
•The quickest and most responsive foil package we make.
•Unmatched carving and dynamic-turning performance makes this one of the most fun foils for the advancing hydrofoiler.

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