2014 Airush Lithium Kitesurfing Kite

2014 Airush Lithium Kitesurfing Kite

Product DescriptIon:


Choose your element from freeride, wave, jumping or looping – the Lithium does it all.  Designed for just about everything, the Delta Hybrid Design featured on the Lithium, gives a massive range for the user as well as an extreme low-end power for those marginal days. Quick and direct response of the kite, due to the wingtip positIon, is spectacular for those waveriding sessIons the one-day and those twin tip big jumping sessIons the next.

The Lithium One 16m takes light wind riding to a whole new realm. With lightweight constructIons these kites are in a new class. Continuing with the Lithium name, as the most forgiving and easy to use freeride kite of the range, the One and Zero still keep these traits in the sub 15 knots range. Racers cannot have all the fun, these kites are ideal for twin-tips, surf directIonals and freeride directIonals, like the Slayer and Sector.  There is no such thing as “No Wind”, these kites will find it.

The Lithium is a pretty plug and play kite for all uses, all conditIons and all riders. It eXcels in gusty conditIons and is the best relaunching kite in Airush’s range. New for 2014, Airush focused on durability and structural integrity. Still using Teijin T9600 canopy cloth, Airush added the Poly Load Frame which is the copy of the Aramid Load Frame Technology found in the Razor Team and Wave but only uses Polyester instead of Aramid to maintain costs.

Airush would recommend as with most kites, If you ride with the bar relaxed 100-150mm (4″- 6″) away from your quick release (or chicken loop), you could probably tie an extra knot ABOVE the standard setting on the pigtail, this will give you faster turning and a bit more power.

On the other hand, If you ride with your bar fully sheeted in resting against your quick release (or chicken loop), you could probably tie an extra knot below the standard setting on the rear pigtail. This will help when unhooking also and reduce back stall when kiting in light winds.



Poly Load Frame: Durable polyester fibers strategically placed along the kite to give more of a solid connectIon and to prevent stretching throughout the canopy.



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