2014 Best Kitesurfing Seat Harness

2014 Best Kitesurfing Seat Harness


Product DescriptIon:                     

Riders who like a lower hook positIon and prefer a seat harness that supports the pelvis and places no strain on their back need look no further. If you are just starting out in kiting, a seasoned veteran or just looking for an easy riding harness for cruising around, the new seat harness from Best is the obvious choice.
The seat harness features a thermoformed EVA lumbar support pad and neoprene padded legs straps for day-long riding comfort. The back panel has a cutaway sectIon with adjustable trim straps to help ensure the perfect user-adjusted fit while the spreader bar uses the same integrated pad and dual strap system as Best's waist harness. Tucked under the spreader bar you'll find Best's dual blade, aluminium bodied hook knife and around the back is a fitted heavy duty handlepass leash loop for you to clip you kite leash to.
If you want day-long riding comfort with a lower spreader bar positIon that gives you all the control and confidence that you need to enjoy every sessIon then it's time you strapped on the new seat harness from Best.  



  • Low hook positIon for easy kite control
  • Thermoformed EVA Padding for day long riding comfort 
  • Integrated handle and leash attachment 
  • Neoprene edges and spreader bar pad protect your contact zones 
  • Dual blade hook knife for easy and reliable safety

Ideal for;

• All riders who prefer the lower hook positIon and comfort of a seat harness.

• Female riders who don't feel comfortable in a waist harness.

• All riders looking for unrestricted upper body movement.


Best Harness Sizing

XS: 30-32"

SML: 32-34"

MED: 34-36"

LG: 36-40"

XLG: 40-44"

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