2014 Best Extract V1 Kitesurfing Bar

2014 Best Extract V1 Kitesurfing Bar

Product DescriptIon:


Extreme kiters need extreme control, durability and safety and that’s what the Extract bar delivers.

Created by Ruben to be the perfect match to his extreme kiting style, the Extract bar uses Best’s Pro-Cuff+ QR which provides one handed safety activatIon with a sub 10kg release pressure and is resistant to false releases. Ruben selected Best’s double thickness, 8mm Depower Rope and Delrin Insert system for maximum durability when performing mega loops and throwing huge airs.

To keep his kite in perfect trim Ruben rides with Best’s fully adjustable Clam Cleat depower system which allows him to adjust his depower set-up and bar positIon to suit any conditIons. Adjustable left or right handed front line safety and Heavy Duty Front Lines come as standard on the Extract bar, with higher breaking strain front lines making sure you stay connected to your kite at all times no matter how extreme your tricks.

The Extract bar is finished with a new super sticky EVA grip pattern and EVA wrapped Big Ass Bar Ends to ensure maximum comfort. If you kite like Ruben and need extreme kite control to help you push the boundaries of what’s possible on a kite then it’s time to get to grips with the Extract bar.


  • 4-line C-kite bar with heavy duty flying lines above 450 kN breaking load
  • QR activatIon pressure under 10 kg with 250kg line load
  • InternatIonal safety standard compliant
  • 8 mm depower rope and Delrin inserts eliminate center line wear
  • Clam cleat for easy depower with wide adjustment range
  • High grip, no slip, patterned EVA bar wrap

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