2014 Cabrinha Chaos Kitesurfing Kite

2014 Cabrinha Chaos Kitesurfing Kite 

Product DescriptIon:

In the high stakes world of competitIon freestyle only one thing matters. Getting onto the podium. In order to do so you need a kite capable of performing at its best when riding unhooked. You need a kite which generates power through its turns. You need a kite that delivers bursts of speed and pop. The Chaos delivers on all fronts. While not made for your average rider, the Chaos kite will give you the fighting advantage in competitIon. Just ask Alby Rondina, one of the PKRA freestyle superstars and the technical advisor behind the Chaos development. The Chaos is perfectly tuned to perform when unhooked which also makes it the kite of choice for hitting rails or throwing wakestyle tricks on the flats. The Chaos has a lightweight, yet durable build using our Skeletal frame technology and our all new 2DR double rip stop material.


  • Podium Proven CompetitIon Freestyle Performance
  • Direct Steering, FAST Response
  • Carries power through turns for massive kiteloops
  • Freestyle specific bridle design slacks for handle passes
  • Compact Arc Shape with Dynamic Arc - Quick Turning and Fast RELAUNCH
  • Works in a wide range of conditIons

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