2014 Cabrinha Drifter Kitesurfing Kite

2014 Cabrinha Drifter Kitesurfing Kite

Product DescriptIon:

Drift stability. Lightning-fast steering. Instant power and de-power. Durability. Easy re-launch. These are the necessary elements to make the worlds best surf kite. These are the elements that make up the Drifter. Amongst the many features the Drifter is known for, none is more important than drift stability also known as slack line drift. While surfing, it's sometimes important to depower the kite to the point where you can surf on your own wave generated power without the pull of the kite. It’s here that the Drifter is able to stay aloft and drift downwind with you. When the time calls for it, you can immediately power up the kite and clear the next sectIon. The Drifter has a lightweight, yet durable build using our Skeletal frame technology and our all new 2DR double rip stop material.


  • Slack Line Drift
  • 3 Struts - LIGHTWEIGHT WITH PrecisIon turning to keep you surfing right in the pocket
  • High Depower - One of the qualities that makes this kite a true surfers kite
  • Less Pulleys - More Direct Steering, Better Response
  • MODERATE Arc Shape with Dynamic Arc - Quick Turning and Fast RELAUNCH
  • Fast Re-Launch
  • Works in a wide range of conditIons

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