Demo 2019 Cabrinha Stylus Kiteboard 160x47,5 only used

Demo 2019 Cabrinha Stylus Kiteboard 160x47,5 only used

ConditIon: C-   Cracked edge, some scratches.Fins and handle with the board.  No straps included. 


Riders who want to make the most out of extremely light winds. Larger riders.


  • Excellent performance in lightwind conditionsVersatility beneath your feet

  • Excellent upwind ability, even in the lightest of conditions
  • Offset binding inserts to the heel edge
  • Asymmetrical stance for better grip, control and lightwind planing
  • Channels on rail for grip WHEN riding the board at
  • UD basalt to support light-wind low rocker line for early planing

Light wind has been a dirty word in kitesurfing since day one. That has now changed since the introduction of the Stylus. The Stylus is a high performance light wind model that has a knack for pulling all of the speed and power out of less than perfect wind conditions. Its offset binding positioning enhances edging which allows you to ride the board flatter to water while still maintaining edge control. Pair the Stylus with our Contra light wind kite and you will immediately shift your perception of what is considered “light” wind.

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