Demo 2014 Slingshot Compstick Control Bar only used

Demo 2014 Slingshot Compstick Control Bar only used 

NY Kite Center Certified Pre-Owned Kite Control Bar. Kite bar sold as-is. 

Condition: B   Good condition, see traces of use. 

Product DescriptIon:

Today’s riders need to be at the center of control. Building on four consecutive World ChampIonships, the Compstick with Flight Control and our patented Rider Control Center, is the safest, most comprehensive and intuitive control system available on the market today.

We focused on the performance of three individual zones which work together to provide a world class rider-centric control system. This new approach takes into account three specific areas:

1. Flight Control - Above the Bar 

2. Compstick - At the Bar

3. Rider Control Center - Below

All three critical areas have been optimized to work in balanced harmony. As a complete system the 2015 Compstick blends the critical elements of safety, kite control, de-power, and convenience into a rider experience that is tested, trusted, simple, smooth and intuitive. 



  • THROTTLE CONTROL- 47cm bar throw - the largest bar throw / throttle control in the industry; this provides you the widest range of power control at your finger tips.
  • GUARDIAN SWIVEL- Keeps your front lines clean from twisting and the ‘auto clutch sensor’ ensures trusted safety func- tIon in all kite sizes from 4 meters to 17 meters.
  • DUAL OH SHIT HANDLES- Provides peace of mind with redundant safety.
  • CLEAR VISIon- Less clutter above the bar provides a full range of visIon for all riding conditIons.
  • ONE PIECE HARDENED CENTER HOLE- Provides a silk-like-feel and eliminates chick loop line wear.
  • BAR FLOATS AND PROTECTED END CAPS- Keeps the bar floating and protects rider from injury.
  • GUARDIAN RELEASE HANDLE- Manufactured with self-lubricated nylon, molded in backboard and color coded soft handle. This design enhances the riders intuitive use when deploying the Guardian Safety Release System.
  • GUARDIAN ERGOCAM MOLDED DONKEY DIK- Smooth pin/roller release actIon when the Guardian Safety System is deployed.
  • BELOW THE BAR ACCESS TO DEPOWER LINE- Enhanced and easily removable for unhooked riding.
  • CRUISE CONTROL HANDLE- Maintains the 47cm stoke distance ( Throttle Control) when trimming the de-power line.
  • RIDER SUPPORT HOTLINE- Manufactured with a soft urethane material. Let’s riders easily hold the trim line used for setting the baseline power in their kite.
  • RIDER PROFILE- Connect directly with our knowledgeable in-house professIonal customer service department. 


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