Demo Liquid Force Galaxy V2 Foilboard-4'8" board only used

Demo Liquid Force Galaxy V2 Foilboard-4'8" board only used


NY Kite Center Certified Preowned Board. Boards are sold as is.

Condition : B+ Used: Some small scratches. No repairs.  Strap include. 

Product description:

  • Lightweight EPS epoxy construction
  • 2/3 length grip grooved deck pad with kick tail
  • Pronounced double concave
  • Chined rails
  • Track mounting system (Hardware included)
  • Inserts for center line or windsurf style footsteps (Straps included)
  • The two sizes offer something for everyone. The 4'8 is by far the most popular and fits beginner to advanced riders. The 4'2 is best suited for someone wanting a smaller board for higher performance.
  • There is enough volume in the 4'8 that you can still pull off touch down transitions and more entry level foil maneuvers.
  • Strong and light construction. We beat the crap out of these boards and they still look brand new after months of beatings.
  • New grooved traction is really grippy. The kick tail keeps your back foot from sliding off when you ride strapless.
  • Track mounting hardware and three footstraps are included.
  • Big double concave displaces water easily with out sticking so when you come off foil the board pops you right back up onto foil.
  • Chined rails keeps the board from sticking when you are really hiked over and touch down the rail.
  • Any foil that mounts on tracks will work on this board.
  • Some people have said they don't like the graphics, but we think they look sick in person.
  • We have been using the 4'8 for foil surfing, and we wished they put a leash plug behind the pad.

This is our favorite kite foilboard on the market. Now with the second size you can't miss with the Galaxy V2.

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