Demo Core XR6 9m Kitesurfing Kite only Used


NY Kite Center Certified Pre-Owned Kitesurfing Kite Only. Kite sold as-is. Bar and pump not included but can be added.

Condition: A-  no rips, tears, repairs, or leaks. 

Product Description


Caution, mega boosting your XR6 may require pilot oxygen.

The latest from CORE's Universal+ Series is engineered to perform in all conditions and disciplines. Like all Universal+ Series kites, the XR6 is designed to excel in one area, and for the XR6, it space travel. Not that space travel but the ability to go higher and further than you've ever been. Don't believe us? Ask Maarten Haeger who crushed the 30m barrier with an amazing 10+ storey high jump on his XR.

The XR's legendary linear responsiveness continues to deliver effortless cruising, record-breaking hangtime, and super smooth landings. After six generations, we've dialled in the characteristics most kiters are looking for. Like prodigious power. Unbelievable depower. And precise control on the water and in the air.


  • Exotex ultra rigid dacron: for zero stretch airframes
  • Coretex triple ripstop canopy: extreme durability and uv protection
  • Two color options: "brightwhite10" and "techblack10"
  • 5 strut frame: for maximum canopy stability
  • Delta bow shape: more power and even more depower
  • Intelligent arc: adjustable wingspan on demand
  • Short bridle system: improved kite feedback
  • Cit modes: customizable ower steeringand turning speed
  • Instant relaunch: effortless water relaunches
  • Speed valve 2: fast, reduced effort inflation
  • Speed pump system: improved all strut inflation
  • Sensor bar ready: calibrated for all sensor bar systems/li>

Package includes:

  • Backpack
  • Manual
  • Line extensions
  • Repair kit




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