Core Fusion 3 Kiteboard

Core Fusion 3 Kiteboard

Sizes: 141x42 | 144x43 | LW 147x44 

Fusion 3 Tech Specs:

-Sizes: 133x39cm, 135x40cm, 137x41cm, 139x41.5cm, 141x42cm, 144x43cm, LW 147x44cm & LW 152x46cm
-Includes fins & board handle
-6.5" insert spread only fits Core Union Pro 2, Core Union Comfort or Carved Ultra pads and straps.
-Multi-channel bottom shape
-Thick rail enhances durability and smooths out the ride
-Cartan Carbon top and bottom sheet w/ Paulownia wood core


What We Like:

At first sight, the Fusion 3 is loaded with design characteristics that just didn't make sense to us. It has a really thick and squared off rail. There is a bunch of rocker and flex through the middle of the board. The tips of the board are flat and stiff. The bottom shape has a double concave and rail and tail channeling. The Core Fusion 3 is a strong departure from the industry norms and that had all of us at REAL scratching our heads. That is until we got the Fusion 3 on the water and fell in love with it on our first tack.

Immediately you will appreciate that the Fusion 3 feels stable under your feet, tracks straight and has a smooth and controlled ride. The double concave that runs through the center of the board provides easy, flowing turns while heavy rail channeling offers tons of grip for riding in powered conditions. The nose and tail feature angled channels that enable this board to hold its edge when you are loading the lines for a big boost or a freestyle trick.

The Core Fusion 3 is all about control, this board is easy planing and when you are up and riding you get a ton of grip. One of the key elements is the fatter rail on the Fusion 3. This departure from the norm allows water to flow smoother off the rail and will give you more control at speed. They took this design characteristic right our of their Carved Custom factory. The Fusion 3 doesn't have that beautiful hand-shaped round rail like Custom Carved but performance wise, the thick and squared off rail is a close second.

The VEE Rocker kind of tripped us out too. When you look at this board on the table, it appears to have the rocker of a wakestyle board.The main difference is that it is soft in the middle where as wake style boards are stiff in the middle. Also the tips on the Fusion 3 flatten out and are stiff where as other freestyle boards have soft and curved up tips.

They went totally off the reservation with this design lay up, and we are here to tell you that it totally works. From what we experienced on the water during testing, the VEE rocker flattens out when you ride and allow you to push a lot of that stiffer tail into the water which gives you great drive upwind. When you come off the edge and take some pressure off the rail, the rocker increases, which makes it better for chop and turns. Basically you have the best of both worlds by having the flat and stiff waterline when you are going up wind or loading up for a trick and a high rocker line when you are riding slower through chop or rolling into a turn.

Insider Information:

The Fusion 3 is not compatible with most of the wake boots on the market because of the 6.5" spread. The board is not really stiff enough for the pressure you apply with boots, but we wish they had gone to the standard 6" insert pattern. This would have allowed riders to use other pads and straps on the Fusion 3 as well as use the Core and Carved straps on other boards.

The Carved Ultra straps really are worth the extra cash. The ratchet system gives you quick adjustment on the fly and you can lock in better than any pad and strap on the market. The Union Pro 2 are very plush and fit size 6 women to size 13 mens. If you want to save a little cash and go for a high quality classic pad and strap, the Union Comfort is a no frills winner.

The Fusion 3 LW 147cm is more of a big guy's all around board rather than a true light wind board. This board has more rocker and a more tapered tail block than previous versions. It is so easy to ride and excels in all categories except the lightest of conditions. Bigger riders love this size as a true all around big guy board. If you want a dedicated light wind board then the flatter and more squared off 152cm will be a better choice.

Why you want the Fusion 3 kiteboard:

The Fusion 3 will make you feel in control and confident to send your kite higher, load the lines harder and boost to the moon. Similar to the Core XR5, the Fusion 3 has a huge sweet spot, making it one of the easiest boards to ride out there. We have put men, women and children on this board and everyone loves it. For general freeride cruising, boosting and nearly all kiteboard sessions, the Fusion 3 is hard to beat. Match it up with the Core or Carved foot straps of your choice and you will always be smiling while you are on the water.

Core's Description
The proven performer and bestseller is perfected. After four years, Europe’s favorite allrounder is improved. Yes, the board that everyone loves for its range and Cartan carbon fiber performance is better. After two years of continuous R&D, we bring you the third generation Fusion featuring revolutionary board improvements borrowed from Carved Customs

-Europe’s leading custom board manufacturer- and their latest masterpiece, the Imperator 6.

Eight proven sizes with improved construction.
Other than the offering the same board sizes, everything else is new. “We’ve reworked just about everything,” says Daniel Borchert, Head of Twintip Engineering. “From the ground up.” Owners will see the biggest changes in the hull. But equally profound improvements have been made to the Fusion 3’s wood core.

Multi-Channel, deep V hull for unbelievable control and
The tip channels worked so well on the Fusion 2 that CORE added a full center and ¾ edge channels to the new board. The center channel follows the length of the board and the two ¾ length outer channels sit on either side of the center channel. “The new channel provides extra depth for the concave V-Keel” comments Borchert, “And seriously ups board performance.”

Extended 3D wood core for better flex memory.
To further improve the Fusion 3’s carving, CORE extended the Paulownia further towards the board edges and CNC milled both top and bottom. The larger wood core reduced board weight and improved flex memory. Variable rail thickness is new for the Fusion 3. Its 9mm thick rails near the middle of the board reduce to 3mm on the tips. “Vario Rails brings carving to whole new level,” comments Borchert, “and the progressive rocker makes landings almost as good as the Imperator 6.”

Vee Rocker - more rocker underfoot and less rocker towards
The Fusion 3’s new rocker is more pronounced under your feet and progressively reduces towards the tips. This knowhow borrows from the Imperator 6 - Carved Custom’s latest masterpiece.



Core's Description

Small Sized for Mens 6-8
"The enormous positive feedback on the original Union Pro proves that we’re on the right track," says CORE boss Bernie Hiss as he presents the new Union Pro 2 pads and straps. In addition to three longitudinal positions and eleven different foot angle options, the new footpad features six steps of fore/aft adjustment to bring the pad closer/further away fro the edges. The slightly thinner orthotic EVA footpads with its “toe grabber” 3D surface will hold your feet securely even on those off-balance landings. Similar customization options are found on the improved straps to give you the perfect fit even with booties on! The dual velcro strap design features toolfree pitch, longitudinal and height adjustments to support your foot precisely. We lined the strap interior with EVA and neoprene while protecting the exterior with durable synthetic leather.

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