Demo 2007 Cabrinha Omega 15M Kitesurfing Kite

Demo 2007 Cabrinha Omega 15M Kitesurfing Kite

NY Kite Center Certified Pre-Owned Kitesurfing Kite Only. Kite sold as is. Bar and pump not included but can be added.

ConditIon: B

Product Description;

Cabrinha is the synonym for performance and quality in the world of kiteboarding. Every single piece of equipment developed by the Cabrinha team is crafted according to the highest standards in the industry and it is guaranteed to offer top efficiency and reliability. The 2007 Omega HD is a highly versatile kite. It is intended to suit all freeriders out there and it has excellent all round capabilities. The Omega HD covers a wide wind range, reliable, powerful and fun to ride.

• Can be used with or without a pulley system
• Override 2 depower system
• Sprint inflation system
• Powerdrive 2N1 control bar
• Instant relaunch

The 2007 Cabrinha Omega HD (High Depower) is one of the most versatile freeride kites available today. The kite is powerful yet user friendly and easy to control at the same time. The kite comes in five sizes and each size is optimized to cover a wide wind range. At the same time, the kite can also be used out on the waves or on land. It is built using top quality fabrics and it has excellent durability.

The Cabrinha team has worked to improve the depower and relaunch capabilities of the kite, and it has done a great job. The Override 2 depower system offers total depower in seconds, while the bridle system combined with the Powerdrive 2N1 provide a smooth and fast relaunch. The kite is easy to set up due to the fast Sprint single point inflation system.

Once it is in the air the kite feels very lively, yet stable and easy to control. The great thing about the Cabrinha Omega HD is that it can use a pulley or non-pulley control system, depending on the rider’s choice. Used with a pulley system the kite offers faster turning speeds and faster depower or relaunch, while used with a non-pulley system it is perfect for unhooked moves and generates a very light bar pressure.

The SLE Shape of the kite generates more power, which is a good thing in light wind conditions. If the wind picks up, the kite gets faster, but it is still stable and offers an unmatched control. Wind or no wind, the Cabrinha Omega HD offers a great cruise. The kite has an unmatched control and can be handled by any rider in any conditions.


15m: 7 - 14 knots

12m: 11 - 19 knots

9m:   17 - 25+ knots

7m:   21+ knots

5m:   25+ knots

Cabrinha's oficial wind range chart

It is based upon a rider who is approximately 170 lbs. (75 kg). Actual use may vary based on your body weight, ability level, water conditions, board size , and riding style. When choosing a kite size, please use your personal experience, common sense, and always check what other riders are using on the water for a size reference.


Powerdrive 2N1

The Powerdrive 2N1 is built with a clear focus on performance and usability. It has an ergonomic design, it is highly durable and light and totally comfortable.

- Can be used with or without pulleys
- Override 2 stopper unit
- Tension rig
- EVA grip
- Bungeed power adjusters
- Tangle free bridle system


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