Demo 2010 Cabrinha Powerdrive IDS 48cm Kite Control Bar Used

Demo 2010 Cabrinha Powerdrive IDS 48cm Kite Control Bar Used

NY Kite Center Certified Pre-Owned Kite Control Bar.  Control Bar sold as-is.

Condition: Good; late-model bar

Product Description:

The 2010 Powerdrive IDS is a control bar that meets the riders’ need for dynamic functIon and kite control. For the 2010 Powerdrive IDS bar to meet these requirements the Cabrinha team had to completely redesign the Powerdrive IDS control system. In this redesign process the user interface was streamlined and many new features were added. What Cabrinha ended up with in the end is its “most refined and evolved control system to date.”


  • Internal landing line – the IDS landing line has been internalized into the main depower line. As Cabrinha explained, the reason why the landing line has been internalized is to protect it from the elements and to make the control system a little bit simpler. The IDS landing line is right there when you want it; but when you don’t want it, it’s out of the way.
  • OverSlide IDS – thanks to the all new OverSlide stopper unit, the rider can let go of the control system (temporarily) in order to address spins in the control lines. The all new OverSlide Stopper unit is also a means to contain the bungeed power adjusters. The rider can positIon the OverSlide stopper unit, which is a sliding system, anywhere on the main depower line.
  • Redesigned floating bar ends
  • Redesigned swiveling security pin
  • Redesigned QR2
  • New bypass leash attachment point
  • Remodeled QR
  • Reduced sizes

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