Demo 2010 Cabrinha Custom 140cm Kiteboard Only Used

Demo 2010 Cabrinha Custom 140cm Kiteboard Only Used

NY Kite Center Certified Pre-Owned Kiteboard. Kiteboard sold as-is. Footstraps not included but can be added.

Condition: B light scratches

Product Description: 

In case you did not already know this, here goes: the 2010 Custom board has been developed under the careful supervision of wakestyle king Andre Philip. Under his supervision Cabrinha developed this board to offer unmatched pop and straight line tracking – which means you will find it quite easy to hit kickers and sliders and throw down 3s.

According to Cabrinha, the 2010 Custom board has, and I quote “one of the best shapes in kiteboarding today.” The 2010 Custom has a Quad-Step bottom that offers maximum grip and maximum pop. The board’s 3D bottom shape focuses the concave at the extreme tips with a flatter center section, which means you will easily ride finless on flat water.

The 2010 Custom board performs exceptionally when you want to do one of the following: ride in choppy conditions, perform some pop tricks, do some wakestyle riding. The 2010 Custom doesn’t do so well in the waves and in light wind conditions.

If this board were to receive marks for its performance, these are the marks it would receive:
Wakesytle – 10
Freestyle – 9
Freeride – 8

  • Quad-Step bottom that offers maximum pop and maximum grip
  • Flex pattern with a stiff center section
  • Carbon deck strips that make the board stiffer and add reflex response
  • Paulownia wood core
  • Stronger inserts

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