Demo 2011 Cabrinha Powerdrive IDS 48cm Kite Control Bar Used

Demo 2011 Cabrinha Powerdrive IDS 48cm Kite Control Bar Used

NY Kite Center Certified Pre-Owned Kite Control Bar.  Control Bar sold as-is.

Condition: Good

Product DescriptIon:

In 2011, in a huge industry first, Cabrinha has managed to internalize the IDS landing line into the main depower line. The landing line now occupies its own chamber alongside the depower main line for added protectIon and a streamlined interface. With the all new for 2011 internal IDS security system, Cabrinha makes good on its promise that performance and security are no longer mutually exclusive. The all new internal Intelligent Depower System (IDS) puts the industry leading 4 line security right at your fingertips when you need it and out of your way when you don’t. Cabrinha have internalized the landing line to protect it from the elements and to simplify the control system. The new IDS landing line is virtually invisible while riding but right there when you need it.
The all new for 2011 OverSlide™ stopper unit is a sliding system that allows the rider to temporarily let go of the control system to unspin the twists in their control lines. It also serves as a means to contain the bungeed power adjusters. OverSlide™ is designed to slide out of the way when forcefully pushed with the control system. OverSlide™ can be positIoned anywhere on the main depower line and the rider can choose their desired sliding tensIon. The all new OverSlide IDS now gives you the freedom to spin your bar when and where you want along the depower main line. You can choose the release tensIon and positIon Overslide where you want.
For 2011, the Powerdrive IDS control system now implements Cabrinha's new forged alloy sectIon with an expanded entry and exit opening for the depower line. This feature increases the ease of bar movement over the depower line even at extreme angles.
The Powerdrive IDS is the only bar on the market with soft EVA multifunctIon ends. The EVA ends create a seamless transitIon from the center of the grip all the way to the ergonomic, protective ends. This provides added comfort when doing aggressive turns at the ends of the bar. The ergonomic geometry of the bar ends also serve as line winders to adequately manage your line set.
The soft EVA ends have also allowed Cabrinha to lower the pivot point of the steering lines right down to the bar. This reduces the turning impulse required to steer your kite.
The EVA bar ends have sufficient buoyancy to float the control bar and lines, allowing Cabrinha to eliminate the cumbersome external floats for an even more streamline, uncluttered look and feel.
The new for 2011 Powerdrive IDS control system is completely void of any pulleys. The IDS equipped kites all work on a direct 1:1 method of control. This produces virtually no bar pressure, and leaves the bar free of added lines and pulleys.
Industry leading Quick Release Safety is an integral part of the Cabrinha design culture. This is why they have used the same quick release method for three years running. Their quick release has very little moving parts and is not susceptible to salt or sand. Cabrinha does not make their Quick Release perform any other functIon than to “Quickly Release”. It is easy to activate with a right or left hand, whether the kite has power or not. It’s simple. Time tested. Proven.
If at any time during the Absolute Depower process (after the main QR has been activated) you need to completely separate yourself from your kite, you can pull the secondary QR where the landing line attaches to the harness loop.


  • 5th line functIon with only 4 lines
  • Depower on demand: 1st stage of depower
  • Absolute depower for landing the kite: 2nd stage of depower
  • Improved, direct steering.  No pulleys on control bar
  • Enhanced control system
  • Instant relaunch

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