Demo 2011 Jimmy Lewis Flight Deck 147cm Kiteboard Complete Used

Demo 2011 Jimmy Lewis Flight Deck 147cm Kiteboard Complete Used

NY Kite Center Certified Pre-owned Board. Boards are sold as-is.

Used: Scuffs on front and back. Rails chipped. Fin chipped.

Product Description:

Jimmy Lewis has a long tradition in the crafting of kiteboards. The acclaimed kiteboard manufacturer has created unique board for almost half a century and some of the models created by now are considered among the best boards available on the market. For 2011 Jimmy Lewis has come up with a new impressive line of kiteboards, enhanced to offer the ultimate performance out on the waves.

The new 2011 Flight Deck from Jimmy Lewis went through an extensive process of research and development. That is because this board is created to get the rider running in the lightest wind conditions possible. At the same time the Flight Deck is perfect for racing and freestyle. From the first moment you set foot on this board, you will love the way it performs and never want to part from it again.

When you think at Jimmy Lewis you think at high performance surfboards and kiteboards. The famous manufacturer has created exquisite board models beginning with the late sixties until today. As for the 2011 kiteboard lineup, Jimmy Lewis has come up with a series of custom and production models, designed using the latest technology and the finest fabrics, to meet the highest quality standards, and the requirements of the most demanding riders out there.

If you love freestyle and racing, but there is barely a light breeze blowing, you need the Jimmy Lewis Flight Deck to get your job out on the waves properly done. The Flight Deck is engineered to get you running fast and smooth when all the other riders sit on the beach and wait for the wind to pick up. The board uses a wider and longer shape and has a refined profile which makes it take maximum advantage of the water flow together with the lightest wind blow to glide fast and without any drag through the waves. At the same time, the ergonomic shape of the board allows the rider to tackle any wave easy and with minimum effort.

The board is quite powerful when it is full charged and it is perfect for the riders looking for jumps, lifts and extra top speed. At the same time it has an increased maneuverability and permits the rider to perform any trick he wishes without losing control even for a second. The hand shaped rails assure extra maneuverability and increased steering response. Jimmy Lewis Flight Deck uses a flat rocker which increases the early planning as well as the upwind potential. The flat bottom design also increases the board’s responsiveness and allows smooth landings.

The board is equipped with G10 fins which optimize the power delivery and increase the grip. The board turns and rotates fast, but remains stable and predictable.  Extra comfort during the ride is provided by the soft Air Force pads. Jimmy Lewis Flight Deck is available only in 147x46 centimeters size and comes as a complete package with fins, grab handle, foot straps and pads.

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