Demo 2011 North Select 137 Carbon

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Demo 2011 North Select Carbon 137cm twintip


NY Kite Center Certified Pre-Owned Kite Only. Kite sold as-is. Bar and pump not included but can be added.
Condition: B - Used board, scratches and scuffs from regular use


Product DescriptIon:


The 2011 North Select Kiteboard has a completely new design concept and constructIon for this year. The outline has been straightened and the tips have been made wider, giving the 2011 North Select Kiteboard a much larger surface area, which improves it's early planing and makes the board faster. The larger sizes of the North Select Kiteboard are perfect for heavier riders and allow them to get up and riding in light winds. While the tips have been made wider, they have also been rounded to ensure a smooth ride through chop and aid the carving characteristics. The flex has been tuned to give the 2011 North Select Kiteboard an even more comfortable feeling through chop and give the Select board fantastic pop. It has a lively crisp feel underfoot and is very responsive to rider input. Jumping on the 2011 North Select is fantastic; the flex works with the rider to ensure you get good pop every time. The board offers eXcellent grip and rides extremely fast when powered, but is still forgiving allowing you to improve as a rider. 



  • Fastest board in the range

  • Very comfortable control

  • Early Planing

  • Textreme Carbon       

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