NY Kite Center Certified Pre-Owned Kite Only. Kite sold as-is. Bar included.
Condition B+ (No leaks, tears, or repairs)

Product Description;

The 2012 kite line introduced by Ocean Rodeo is intended to redefine the world of kiteboarding. It is engineered using the latest technology and every single kite is carefully tuned to offer the best performance in its class. The new Flite is Ocean Rodeo’s solution for all your lightwind sessions. The kite is available in 15 and 17.5 square meters sizes, and even if it is a large kite it feels very agile from the first moment it is launched. It deploys massive power, but it is user-friendly and fun to ride at the same time.

• Venturi Technology
• FST Technology
• Huge Wind Range
• Direct Depower System
• Four Struts Structure
• Excellent Upwind Performance

Ocean Rodeo is dedicated to improve the riding experience of all kiteboarders out there. The 2012 kite line is manufactured according to the highest quality and performance standards and intended to suit a wide range of riding skills and styles as well as all wind and wave conditions. There are times when lightwind conditions keep riders off the water. In times like these it is best to have a good lightwind kite by your side. And one of the best lightwind kites available today is the Ocean Rodeo Flite.

With the Flite you will laugh at the other riders who sit on the beach and wait for the wind to pick up while you enjoy an exciting session in light breezes. Since the kite is available in only two large sizes, the canopy is sustained by a four strut structure. This structure keeps the kite well balanced in the air and increases the overall stability. Ocean Rodeo has designed the Flite using two innovative technologies.

First of all it has implemented the Venturi technology which is based on vent running across the lifting side of the canopy and intended to improve the power delivery and boost abilities. The second technology implemented by Ocean Rodeo is called Forward Swept Wing Technology and it assures optimal turning speed, accurate control and a drag free flight. These technologies assure top end control and maximize the overall performance. The Direct Depower System disables the kite and rolls it over in case it is ejected or totally depowered.

Even if it is a dedicated lightwind kite, the Flite can propel you upwind like a rocket and it has what it takes to offer high jumps and plenty hangtime. The bar has optimal pressure and generates a direct feel. The rider can control the kite without effort and enjoy a fast and fun ride when the wind barely blows. Just like the other 2012 Ocean Rodeo Kite models, the Flite can be used with the Freeride, Freestyle or Fusion control bar, depending on the rider’s choice.

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