Demo 2013 Best TS 17m Kitesurfing Kite Used

Demo 2013 Best TS 17m Kitesurfing Kite Used

NY Kite Center Certified Preowned Kite. Kite sold as is. (Bar and Pump can be added)

Condition: C - Two taped repairs on canopy (13" x 8"), some mildew discoloration

Product Description:

If your sessions take in unhooked new school, freeride and even some wave riding then the TS is made for you. Built with Best Kiteboarding's Double Core RS canopy fabric the TS v2 delivers amazing crossover performance with the focus firmly on new school and unhooked performance.

For light wind riding and racing, the 15m and 17m TS kites are the most aerodynamically refined and popular light wind kites Best Kiteboarding has ever made. The largest TS sizes will keep you riding after everyone else has packed up for the day.

Designer's visIon: "Performance for all - With the TS v2 I wanted to provide high performance riding in every category for every rider. We've managed to squeeze more speed from each size and reduce bar pressure on every kite; it's incredibly fun to ride." - Peter Stiewe.


  • High performance crossover kite
  • Ride optimized open-c platform
  • Responsive unhooked handling
  • Stable in all conditIons
  • Unlimited versatility



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