Demo 2014 Cabrinha Contra 15m Kitesurfing Kite

Demo 2014 Cabrinha Contra 15M Kitesurfing Kite Only

NY Kite Center Certified Pre-Owned Kite (bar & pump can be added)

ConditIon - B+ - One patch repair on the canopy, fabric is crispy and no scuffs / damage around. 


Product DescriptIon


The all new Contra is a featherweight cannon that delivers light wind fun like you've never had before. It has the muscle to get you up and riding when the winds are barely showing signs on the water. The ultra efficient profiles optimize the low end power productIon while allowing eXcellent depower on the top end. Maximizing performance in light winds the 3 micro struts improve aerodynamic performance using lightweight materials with very low drag. The Contra delivers distinctly sharp and precise turning that makes generating power and speed a snap



  • LIGHTWIND Profiles - OPTIMIZED LOW End Power

  • 3 Micro Struts - Reduced strut DIAMETERS & light weight BLADDERS

  • Direct Steering and Snappy Turns

  • Park and Ride Stability - Consistent Power Without Working the Kite

  • Light Bar Pressure - Featherweight Control

  • MODERATE Arc Shape with Dynamic Arc - Quick Turning and Fast RELAUNCH



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