Demo 2014 Slingshot Rally 6M Kitesurfing Kite Only USED

Demo 2014 Slingshot Rally 6M Kitesurfing Kite Only Used

NY Kite Center Certified Pre-Owned kitesurfing kite.  Kite sold as is-is.  Kite comes with kite backpack.  (Pump and bar can be added.)

ConditIon:  B  (No rips, tears, repairs, or leaks)


Product DescriptIon:

In its fourth generatIon, the 2014 Rally is the most versatile kite ever produced by Slingshot. The Rally delivers incredible wind range along with proven high-end performance for freeriding and surf conditIons.

For 2014 the new Rally is faster, more maneuverable, and offers better low-end power making it the most efficient and user friendly kite in the world. Find out for yourself why so many riders trust the Rally. The 2014 Rally boasts an updated airframe featuring Slingshot's own unique patented Splitstrut constructIon.  Each size is more powerful and efficient than last year with a new aspect ratio.

Featuring Slingshot's legendary constructIon, the 2014 Rally is built better than the rest. With Slingshot's state of the art manufacturing process combined with top of the line materials you can be assured your Rally will offer maximum durability and performance. The bomber constructIon on the Rally focuses on Surf Tough Seams to create more strength and structure throughout the canopy. It also helps to isolate any damage making repair easy. Slingshot's Tri-Tech ProtectIon includes Ballistic Kevlar, Mark Cloth, and Neoprene strategically placed in the most vulnerable areas of the kite to optimize durability. Slingshot does all of this to make sure you don't ever miss a sessIon.



  • Ideal for Intermediate to Expert Riders
  • Open Delta-C Design Platform
  • Splitstrut Integrated Design
  • Connect Forward steering lines
  • Reflex Wingtip
  • Pulley-Less Bridle ConfiguratIon
  • Tri-Tech ProtectIon
  • Surf Tough Seams
  • Legendary Slingshot ConstructIon
  • Slingshot One Pump
  • Slingshot Lifetime Rider Support Hotline




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