Demo 2015 Cabrinha Switchblade 12m Kitesurfing Kite Only Used

Demo 2015 Cabrinha Switchblade 12m Kitesurfing Kite Only Used

NY Kite Center Certified Pre-Owned Kite Only. Kite sold as-is. (Pump and bar can be added.)  

Condition: Multiple pinholes in canopy. (No rips, tears, repairs, or leaks.)

Product Description:

After ten years of refinement, the Switchblade kite from Cabrinha is held as the benchmark for which all crossover/freeride kites must aspire to. Its success lies in its uncommon blend of high performance and ease of use. The Switchblade will easily crossover from freeriding to freestyle to surf on any given day. The common element in each of these riding styles is precise handling; and this is where the Switchblade shines. The Switchblade provides maximum control with a light bar touch. The SB’s high performance profiles deliver the power needed in light winds and the ability to dump the power in strong winds. This gives the SB the type of range needed to extend your sessions when the winds are up and down. The five strut design holds the canopy true to its shape regardless of the wind condition or angle of attack.


  • Modernized design
  • 5 strut
  • Dynamic arc
  • Improved turning speed
  • Improved Relaunch
  • Stable and Direct Feel
  • Park and ride stability
  • Light bar pressure
  • High hang time
  • Works in a wide range of conditions

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