Demo 2016 Nobile Pro NHP 134cm Kiteboard Only Used

Demo 2016 Nobile Pro NHP 134cm Kiteboard Only Used

NY Kite Center Certified Pre-Owned Kiteboard Only. Kiteboard sold as is. Footstraps not included but can be added.

Condition: B+

Product Description:

NHP (Nobile High Performance) has been a Nobile bestseller for more than ten years and is one of the most popular boards on the planet. For the 2016 collection we present another updated version of this model. The new shape confirms the NHP’s domination among riders who value top performance. Explosive, perfectly precise and comfortable – this board gives satisfaction in all conditions, regardless of your style.

* Generous rocker guarantees comfort on chop and exceptional board agility.
* Double concave is responsible for hard edging and staying on track.
* Top-quality glass fibres pressed in APS technology - combined with the wooden core -guarantees incredible pop and endurance.

Location: Torres Detroit and Banks Islands (Australia). Design: The graphics depict the Banks Islands. Together with Torres Islands on the north-west they constitute one of the northernmost archipelago of Pacific islands

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