DEMO CORE Sensor 1 Control Bar USED

DEMO CORE Sensor 1  Control Bar Used

NY Kite Center Certified Pre-Owned Kite Control Bar. Kite bar sold as-is. 

Condition: C - bar good to use straight  lines. 

Product Description:


The SENSOR-Bar is compatible with the GTS2, GTS, GT, Riot XR2, Riot XR2 LW, Riot XR, Riot XR LW, Combat and lots of 4-Line-Kites by other brands.

The unique hollow Unibody construction reduces the weight by 43% whilst at the same time increasing the breaking load. The intelligent mass distribution and reduction of the mass moment of inertia (by 55%) enables a noticeably more direct feeling of the kite. In addition, the leveled bar ends reduce, through improved leverage, the bar steering force.

The ergonomically designed revolutionary rotor quick-release enables an intuitive safety release with the least amount of effort. In contrast to traditional systems there is no power required against the flow of the water. At CORE the entire safety system, quick- release and the new leash, work together harmoniously. With this the SENSOR-Bar not only exceeds the highest standards, but also sets new levels in safety.

CORE presents the only 100% self unswivelling bar system. The mid-bar grip ability was optimised with a further development of the line guides and a noticeably thinner bar diameter. The low wear adjuster halves the trimming effort required with the new adjuster. The SENSOR-Bar is suitable for all kite sizes – one bar for all. The SENSOR Pro-Leash and Pro-Loop are available for pro riders.


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