Demo HQ Hydra II Kitesurfing Kite Used

Demo HQ Hydra II Kitesurfing Kite Used

NY Kite Center Certified Pre-Owned Kitesurfing Trainer Kite. Kite sold as-is. 

Condition: Very good. Lightly used.


Product Description:

Hydra II is the latest generation of our most popular trainer kite. HQ has created a kite with improved flying performance and responsiveness, providing more power through the turns. The Closed Cell Technology allows reliable water relaunches and makes the Hydra II the most versatile trainer kite for lessons on land or in the water. Hydra II allows novices to concentrate on the essentials. A newly developed cell structure provides maximum durability in hard training sessions. The third line provides an effective safety system and allows easy landing and reverse relaunching.


  • reduced bridling for more performance
  • newly developed cell structure for maximum durability
  • new vent system
  • improved aerodynamics
  • sizes up to 420 cm (13.8 ft) wingspan

Performance Sheet:

Technical Data:


  • cool "Big Zipper" triangle backpack
  • control bar 50 cm
  • Dyneema line set
  • trainer kite guide




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