Dynabar XT Sliding Spreader Bar V8

Dynabar XT Sliding Spreader Bar V8

Product DescriptIon:

DYNABAR XT V8 is the most advanced spreader bar available on the market and its features make it the best solutIon for all kitesurfing disciplines. The XT V8 has 5 different optIons included in the package: Sliding Hook - Fixed Hook - Pivoting Hook- Dyneema Slider - and a Belt Hook for adapting to 1 or 2 strap harness webbing.

DYNABAR XT V8 is in two sizes: 11"-29cm for S-M harness size and 13"-34cm for M-L-XL harness size. Please measure the space between buckles and verify to have enough space to tighten your harness.

DYNBAR XT V8 standard configuratIon is: dyneema leash, sliding hook and sliding ring for the kite safety leash. The dyneema leash can be released in case on danger by pulling the red ball, the sliding hook will pull the bungee forcing it to detach from the DYNABAR frame. The hook will remain attached to the CL if you are using a CL locker tube.

Thanks to the new Webbing Adapter DYNABAR XT V8 is compatible with harnesses from all different brands and models.

The fixed hook is required by free stylers but it can also be used in combinatIon with dyneema leash and 2 rings, giving the benefit of the sliding feature. This configuratIon allows to change "on the fly" from fixed to sliding system.
We suggest to use 2 4x30mm rings to improve supported load, better sliding and safety when you need to release the CL in case of danger.

If you need a very fast hook sliding then the solutIon is the Pro Wave stainless steel slider. Remove the dyneema leash and the 2 protective bushings, then fix the slider using the two supplied nuts. **ProWave Slider bar is not included in the V8 package**

The Dynabar V8 XT is available in 11" and 13" widths and fits all harnesses.

The package includes:

  • Frame
  • Protective Pad
  • Bungee
  • Pro Race Dyneema Slider
  • Pro Wave Stainless Slider
  • Pivoting Hook OptIon
  • Fixed hook OptIon
  • Mesh Drainage/Storage Bag
  • Webbing Adapter

The Pro Wave slider is the choice for quick moves in waves, while the ProRace Dyneema is designed to give the ability to keep a specific hook positIon and body directIon. The sliding supports, lock pivoting hook and fixed hook are replaceable.

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