Demo Ghost Whisperer Foil USED

Demo model: 

This foil is in excellent condition with the exception of slight damage on the mast (dings on trailing edge) and can be seen in the pictures .

Ghost Whisper Foil

• Sleek carbon foil for high-end freeride performance 
• Fast, agile and responsive- great for aggressive riders 
• Change components, change performance with modular system 
• Super stiff, light weight high-modulus carbon construction 
• Early takeoff, stable at slower speeds

The Ghost Whisper is the newest edition to Slingshot’s rapidly expanding foil lineup. This sleek carbon foil is fine-tuned for all-conditions riding and aggressive freeride performance. As a testament to the commitment Slingshot has to developing the most comprehensive foil lineup in kiteboarding, the Ghost Whisper features a modular design and sturdy aluminum fuselage that allows riders to change wingsets to achieve dramatically different performance characteristics. Buying into the Ghost Whisper foil is an investment in an evolving program, not just a single product. 

The Ghost Whisper comes stock with a performance freeride setup designed for aggressive but all-around handling. A performance speedride wingset is currently available as an upgrade and is a high-aspect, high-efficiency setup tuned for more advanced riding at higher speeds. Additional wingsets are currently in development and will be released as they are completed. 

Ghost Whisper Construction: The Ghost Whisper features high-modulus carbon mast and wings. The mast and mounting pedestal are one single piece, which eliminates a connection point and reduces potential vibration between separate components. The fuselage is made from sturdy aluminum, which allows for a strong, precision fit with the multiple wingsets in the Ghost Whisper’s modular system. The mast and fuselage attach with the industry gold standard keylock connection. 


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