HQ Beamer VI Kitesurfing Kite

HQ Beamer VI Kitesurfing Kite

Available Sizes: 2m, 3m, 4m, 5m

HQ Beamer VI 6 Power Kite. In the powerkiting World, the quad handled HQ Beamer is an icon. Renowned for its stable handling and high quality construction, the Beamer VI is perfect for all skill levels seeking predictable power with minimal hassle. The latest generation is even more versatile, incorporating paragliding design know how for greater performance:


The HQ Beamer VI comes as a ready to fly package.


Key Features


- Extremely stable flight characteristics in turbulent conditions


- Comprehensive range of accessories included (quad handles, dyneema lines, kite killer, strop line, ground stake, backpack)


- Brake line input offers extra power


- Reduced bridle for minimum drag


- Wide wind range




Flat Area: 2,0 m²


Flat Span: 265 cm


Height: 90 cm


Wind: 6-38 mph


Lines: Dyneema Line Set 220/100 kg 4 x 20 m


Control Option: Quad Handles (Included)  

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