HQ Ignition Kitesurfing Kite

HQ Ignition Kitesurfing Kite

Available Sizes: 5m, 7m, 9m, 12m, 14m

HQ Ignition - A True Progression Machine!

HQ-Powerkites is proud to present the latest addition to our lineup, the Ignition. The goal
was to make a kite stable enough that it would perform well in a wide range of settings.
This would allow for us to have one kite that would adapt to changing conditions and rider
levels; a kite that will aid your progression in any discipline. After many tests and
prototypes, we believe that we have done just that.

Bar/ Safety features:

• Above the bar cleat for easy adjustment
• Coted center line to minimize wear.
• Heavy duty stainless steel swivel
• Mini fifth line with integrated bungee.
• Ergonomic chicken loop with compact quick release and rigid chicken stick.
• Streamline bar to reduce hand fatigue

Kite Features:

• 3 strut delta hybrid platform for performance and stability
• Full Dacron wingtips for superior feedback and solid feel
• Multiple attachment points for turning speed, bar pressure, and window positioning
• Easily removable front line pulleys for unmatched customization
• HQ construction for guaranteed quality.

The Goal of the Ignition was to create a kite that focused on ease of use, yet had loads of
performance. You can have the highest performing kite in the world, but if it isn’t forgiving
in gusts, easy to relaunch, and doesn’t have useable depower, the performance amounts to
nothing. Let’s face it, Most of us don’t live in a place that blows consistently the same speed
everyday, with perfectly flat water and no current.

Bar/ Safety:

The bar has all of the safety systems that you need, and none of the gimmicks you don’t.
An above the bar cleat makes it easy to trim the kite on the fly. A static stopper ball allows
you to customize the throw setting for different sized riders. The kite has a coted center line
to minimize wear while making it more comfortable to unhook. A heavy duty stainless steel
swivel will keep the twists out of your center lines. The mini fifth line gives ultimate safety
while reducing clutter. This line also has a bungee integrated in it to keep it from flopping
around while depowered. The Chicken loop is streamline and ridgid so it behaves well while
unhooked, as it fits securely into the bar. There is a magnetic quick release that is very easy
to engage under load, but also very easy to reassemble in the water. The bar stick Is
slightly thinner than the traditional HQ bar, in order to reduce hand fatigue during those
long sessions.


Progression is 90% confidence. Without forgiving gear, it much harder to build up the
confidence needed to try new things.
The kite is positioned relatively central in the wind window. This allows for plenty of room
for error. The kite does not want to overfly when conditions are gusty, and is not prone to
stalling. Strut positioning, mixed with a Delta Hybrid shape, have contributed to a very
stable wing. The stability in the kite also contributes to it’s solid pull, which helps with
everything from getting up on a board, to powered kiteloops!
Wind Range
While stability is essential, Wind range isn’t far behind in terms of importance. The ignition
doesn’t disappoint in this category either. While many kites depower well, a lot of them lose
turning capability when depowered. The Shape and profile of the kite allow for an
impressive usable wind range.


As close to automatic as it gets. Next question.


The ignition is not only usable in a wide range of conditions. The kite has various settings
that are geared for specific uses. The leading edge has multiple attatchment points that can
be used to change the kite’s position in the wind window. While some may prefer the higher
depower setting for its added upwind ability, decreased bar pressure, and better boosting,
others may prefer the other setting for added grunt, increased slack when unhooking, and
stiffer feel. The kite also has traditional wingtip adjustments for turning speed and bar
A unique feature that adds to versatility is the pulleyless option. While the kite comes set up
with pulleys for all around use, some may prefer the more direct feeling of a kite without
pullyeys. The ignition can easily be converted to a pullyless bridle. The switch can be made
in less than 2 minutes, and can easily be done before a session.
The ignition is truly a jack of all trades. It’s a kite that is dependable, and very easy to use.
But don’t think for one second that It should be written off as merely a “Beginner Kite,”
Each size has been indivitually tuned to optimize performance. This kite has plenty of
performance to keep you stoked at any level.

Turning speed:

The ignition is a quick turning kite. Its 3 strut design keeps it light and nimble, while the full
Dacron wingtip panels maximize bar input. Just tell the ignition where you want it and it’s
there on a dime! Wave kiters bill be able to charge onshore conditions, knowing that the
kite has the speed to keep the pace.


Though the ignition is a fast kite, it doesn’t lack in the Power department. It has a Delta like
shape that is relatively flat in the center section. This allows it to generate plenty of power
per size. The power is easily controlled through sheeting, making it easy to make it around
those large sections of white water in the surf, or power past the competition while racing.
Hang time:
The ignition has the power to blast off, and the hangtime to stay up there. When you have a
highly skilled designer with a background in paragliding, there is no questioning wheater he
knows how to make something that will fly. The unique curve in the leading edge of the
kite, combined with a simple and efficient bridle, allows you to sheet in for increased
hangtime and or softer landings. Throw that extra rotation without the fear of coming down
too soon!

Pop and Slack:

In order to progress in Freestyle riding, you need a kite that will help you pop off of the water with
ease, and behave while you’re completing your trick. The ignition stays put, and is well behaved while
unhooked. The lines slack similar to a c kite when loaded properly, and won’t jerk your arms out of the
socket. Combine this with great relaunch and a solid safety system, and you’ve got a faithful
companion that will help you add to that bag of tricks.
In summary, The ignition was built to aid in progression. It is a kite that will grow with you,
whose settings that are easily changed with conditions. Many people want a high preforming
kite. What they often don’t realize is that the kite that is easy to use will be the one that
aids the kiter in performing at the highest level that they can.
Grab an Ignition and ignite your progression!

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