HQ Rush V Pro 3-line Trainer Kitesurfing Kite

HQ Rush V Pro 3-line Trainer Kitesurfing Kite

Available Sizes: 2.5m, 3m, 3.5m

The new HQ Rush Pro V 5 250 trainer kite will help you proceed to your next level quickly and safely, laying the foundation for all aspects of power kiting. The Rush V Pro meets all the requirements of a real power kite with the traction applications it provides. A new internal chamber system makes it extremely robust. A 3rd line provides beginners the necessary safety and facilitates the reverse launch:


Key Features


- New, extremely robust cell structure


- 3rd line for safety and reliable reverse launch


- Flying lines already attached to the kite


- Reduced bridle for less drag


- Good lightwind performance




Flat Area: 1,90 m²


Flat Span: 250 cm


Height: 92 cm


Wind: 6-28 mph


Lines: Dyneema Line Set 175 kg 2 x 20 m 100 kg 1 x 20 m


Control Option (incl.): Control Bar 50cm

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