HQ Scout III Kitesurfing Kite

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HQ Scout III Kitesurfing Kite

Available Sizes: 3m, 4m, 5m

HQ's newly designed Scout 3 delivers a high quality but affordable package for those looking to enter into the world of traction kiting. The flying characteristics of the HQ Scout 3 are uncompromisingly focused to the needs of kite schools and flyers looking for a quick experience of success with a kite on a bar. Performance and turning speed have been significantly improved. The Scout 3 guarantees you always will be safe out on your board or skis. This kite provides loads of easy handling fun for beginners and advanced pilots alike.


Key Features:


- Adjustable turning speed and power


- 3rd line safety


- Improved upwind performance


- Excellent light wind characteristics


- Impressing stability pilots can always rely on for snow an land use


- Optimized simplicity for snow and landkiting beginners


- Perfect for kite schools




Size: 3.0m


Flat Area: 3.0m2


Flat Span: 329cm


Height: 110cm


Flat AR: 3.60


Cells: 16


Wind Range: 6 - 38mph


Flying Lines: Dyneema 220/100kg x 20m


Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate


Accessories Inc


Cool backpack


High quality colour coded dyneema line set


Saftey-control bar with coloured lines and safety leash


Instruction manual



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