HQ Zeekai Race Foil Kitesurfing Kite

HQ Zeekai Race Foil Kitesurfing Kite

Available Sizes: 10m, 13m, 16m, 19m


Straight from the start, the Zeekai shows incredible potential. In the lowest of winds, the Zeekai moves with
uncanny speed. It has a direct feel and fast response that provides ease of control, but this kite was designed
for experts. The unique versatility of Zeekai offers stability, racing speed, lift and frightening hangtime. Whatever
the surface, Zeekai was built to dominate the pole position.

• Versatile performance for racing, freeriding and freestyle
• Optimized shape and sail tension for maximum performance
• Quick bar response
• Super light materials
• High AR shape that retains stability without sacrificing upwind performance
• Impressive low wind performance with plenty of depower for higher speeds
• Enormous lift on demand

Kite Details
1. Air Intakes
Positioned for optimized inflation that results in a constant inner pressure of the wing.
2. Material
Extremely durable and super light 20D rip stop material with a high tearing resistance. Perfect for hard use
during the race and in the lightest of wind. The coating is water- and dirt repellent.
3. Bridle
Ultra thin, spliced and sewn bridle lines reduce drag while increasing turning speed and handling responsiveness.
4. Shape
Modern high-AR C-shape that combines racing speed with stability. Fast profile provides responsive
maneuvers and boosting as high as you want.

Bar Details
De-Power Control Bar 55 cm
Dyneema Line Set: Back Lines 2 x 22m 275 kp, Frontlines 2 x 22 m 300kp
High quality clamcleat for ease of infinite adjustment.
Ergonomic bar grip with a polished stainless steel center hole and laser engraving. Material: Composite
Auto Positioning Chicken Loop
Advanced magnetic chicken loop that is safe to release and uncomplicated to reassemble.
Stainless Steel Swivel
Rust-free, super light self-untwisting swivel for maximum rotations.
Dyneema Lines
High quality pre-stretched Dyneema lines with almost no elongation for a super direct feel. Sleeved and
stitched ends with a maximum load of 300 kg.

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