Hyperflex Greenprene Wetsuit Men's - ECO Friendly - Chest Zip

Hyperflex Greenprene Wetsuit Men's - ECO Friendly - Chest Zip

XGP832MF (3/2mm) XGP843MF (4/3mm)

ECO Friendly Wetsuit Design! Watch the 2 Videos in the Photos on this page!

Greenprene is a sustainable, insanely warm, super stretchy, ultradurable insulating foam that provides excellent UV resistance. Greenprene is also significantly lighter in weight than traditional neoprene materials. Greenprene is 100% neoprene-free sustainable insulating foam. It has been tested and is approved by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Bio Preferred program as a USDA Biobased product. Greenprene is formulated from deproteinized natural rubber along with other natural additives such as sugar cane, plant oils and oyster shells. The result is a sustainable Bio Based insulating foam that is ultra-soft, stretchy, durable and light weight. Greenprene wetsuits will allow you to move freely without restriction while keeping you warm and comfortable in the most demanding conditions.

Additional Features

  • Eco-Friendly GreenPrene, GREEN Eco Friendly Wetsuit, USDA Certified
  • No Neoprene Odor - 100% Neoprene FREE
  • Petroleum Free
  • Wrist & Ankle Liquid Tape Seals
  • Embossed Chest and Back Logos
  • "Glued and Blind-Stitched
  • Construction"
  • Duratex Knee Pads


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