Hyperflex Polyolefin Shorts

Hyperflex Polyolefin Shorts

Product DescriptIon:

Poly shorts are perfect for cold water sessIons or for wearing under boardshorts. For cold water layering, poly shorts provide crucial warmth by insulating your seat and lower back while sitting in the lineup, which extends the length of you cold water sessIons. Also great for rash preventIon underneath nylon boardshorts.


  • Moisture Wicking – Polyolefin material wicks moisture away from the skin more effectively than any other fiber. As a result, there is no evaporative cooling against the skin which allows the user to stay warm and dry.
  • Superior InsulatIon – Polyolefin has the highest insulating capacity of any fiber, natural or man-made.
  • Lightweight – Polyolefin is an extremely lightweight material. Warmth without excess bulk.
  • Durable – Polyolefin fabric is incredibly strong and is remarkably resistant to abrasIon and tears. Color is locked into the fiber so this garment will not fade when exposed to sunlight, chlorine or perspiratIon.
  • No Odor RetentIon & Easy Care – Polyolefin is washable and virtually care free. Because Polyolefin is inert, the fabric does not support the growth of odor causing bacteria.

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