Hyperflex Short Sleeve 50/50 Neoprene Rashguard

Hyperflex Short Sleeve 50/50 Neoprene Rashguard

Product DescriptIon:

The Hyperflex 50/50 shirt is constructed of 50% mesh skin neoprene and 50% UV Lycra rash guard material. The 1.5mm mesh skin neoprene chest and back panels block wind chill, maintains core body temperature and provides extra rash and harness protectIon. The Lycra arms, underarms and side panels offer unrestricted flexibility and pullover no-zip design works well with all types of boardshorts and harnesses. Perfect for warm water riding or a travel top for the tropics.


  • Durable Flatlock seams
  • Chill blocking mesh skin chest/back
  • flexible Lycra arms and side gussets


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