Hyperflex VOODOO Hooded Chest Zip Fullsuit Wetsuit Men's

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Hyperflex VOODOO Hooded Chest Zip Fullsuit  Wetsuit Men's

Thickness 6/5mm

Hyperflex's new Voodoo BZ brings major advancements in cold water wetsuit technology. Highlighting Voodoo is the introduction of AtomicFoam Super Stretch Neoprene, which is internally-lined with the new AQ6 Thermal Fabric. Additionally, the Chest/Back is equipped with the new ReactorCore+ insulation panels. Voodoo also benefits from the new Cocoon Entry Point & Closure System design. All seams are glued andBlindstitched and sealed with FusionWeld liquid tape. Simply put, Voodoo increases warmth without increasing thickness allowing you to surf lighter, longer, and warmer.

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Additional Features

  • AnchorPoint Reinforcement Tabs at critical seam intersections
  • AQ6 Thermal Fabric increases warmth, comfort, and has quick dry properties
  • AtomicFoam Neoprene infused with a higher count of molecular air cells achieves warmer insulation rating
  • Cocoon Entry Point & Closure System single wide-hatch opening which allows you to slide in and out of your suit with ease while sealing water out with an anti-flush head gusset panel
  • ReactorCore+ Insulation Panels wind resistent and insulating chest and back panels
  • Duratex Kneepads
  • FusionWeld Sealed Seams
  • G-Lock PK ZipperGBSSeams
  • GlideSkin Collar
  • Key Stash

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