Lift Foil Board

Lift Foil Board

Product Description: 

Lift boards come with years of refinement and features to maximize your foiling experience. Construction is top of the line and includes a full carbon lamination, sandwiched PVC reinforcement and high density foam in the areas of greatest stress. The deck has beveled edges that lock your heels into the rail and give you advanced support. The nose and tail are rounded with the right amount of rocker to allow a smooth feel and release against the water. The foil mounts with Lift's track system allowing the rider to personalize their center of gravity.

High Performance Standard Board (4'11 x 20.5")

Lift's best performance and most versatile design yet, this board does it all. After years of refinement Lift has created a high performance standard board that strikes the perfect balance between stability and maneuverability so you can lean, carve and edge with ease.

The Shorty (4'9 x 19.5")

After years of racing and cruising the coastlines, Lift's engineers have created The Shorty. Specifically designed for riders who prefer a smaller, narrower board that creates less wind resistance and more turning/ edge control. 


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