Naish S25 Galaxy Foilboard

Naish S25 Micro Hover Windsurf Foilboard

Available Sizes: 125, 145


The Galaxy is for riders looking for a wide-body, freeride board with easily accessible
speed and jibing potential.The compact, parallel outline creates a stable platform within
a considerably short, low swing weight shape. The squared-off nose adds extra stability
fore and aft, making the shapes accessible for a wide range of riding skills. The wide
selection of footstrap insert options not only allows for the switch between a more
cruising-oriented style with smaller sails (inside) and a more slalom-oriented style with
bigger sails (outside). Featuring a Deep Tuttle Foil Box, the Galaxy is foil-ready.


  • Level Deck Shape
  • Tail Cut Outs
  • Ergonomic Foot Straps
  • Medium Density Footpads
  • MFC HF Ride Fin
  • Reinforced Deep Tuttle Foil Box
  • Multiple Foot Strap Positions
  • Foil Ready
Volume Length Width Rec. Sail Size Finbox Fins
125 L 240 cm 77 cm Up to 8.6 Deep Tuttle Foil Box MFC HF Ride Fin 48 cm
145 L 242 cm 82 cm Up to 9.4 Deep Tuttle Foil Box MFC HF Ride Fin 48 cm

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