Nobile Trust Control Bar

Nobile Trust Control Bar

Nobile Trust Control Bar is made of aluminium which ensures the construction lightness, as well as high durability and stiffness. Thanks to that, steering the kite is more precise. The central part of the bar is made of aluminium as well, which makes it extremely durable and wear through resistant, while light at the same time. The bar arms are wrapped up with a soft EVA foam. The foam surface is perforated and has hollows for fingers to provide a confident bar grip and high comfort during the ride.

Bar ends
Soft control bar ends, made of injected EVA foam provide high comfort and safety in case of accidental hit. Thanks to integrated floaters the bar stays on water without any problems.

Quick Release safety system
Proven the best system on the market, worked out by Nobile gives 100 per cent safety during the ride. Ergonomic shape allows secure grip, when necessary. The permanent release force is independent of kite thrust force – it complies with the AFNOR NF S52-503 standard. Properly fitted cleats enable unrestricted movement of the bar with quick release along the safety line. After activation the system guarantees 100 per cent loss of kite power. The released system can be easily disassembled and put together in any situation outside or inside the water. The proper design ensures construction durability up to 500 kg.

Depower lines
Depower lines and safety line are made of super durable Spectra line and additionally secured with Teflon coating. Thanks to that, lines do not wear through during use and easily slip through the whole in the bar. Carefully selected lines length ensures 100 per cent kite depowering.DDB Dyneema lines
Lines running to the DDB Dyneema kite, made in the Netherlands, are the best and the most durable professional lines available on the market. Durability of front lines amounts up to 350 kg, and steering lines up to 250 kg at the diameter less than 2 mm. Thanks to initial tension they are characterized by high stretch resistance. Lines are Teflon coated which makes them stiff; they do not tangle and are resistant to the influence of seawater and sand.

Clamcleat depower system
The system of power regulation is based on Clamcleat type cleat. It’s simple, user-friendly, failure-free and light. It provides faster and more precise adjustment of kite power, compared to any other system.

Fixing methods
The system can be hooked to the rider in a standard way or in so-called suicide mode, preferred by more experienced kitesurfers.

The swivel enables seamless uncoiling the front lines.

The well proven Nobile solution keeps the kite hooked to the kitesurfer in case of activating the safety system and during unhooked tricks. Equipped with quick release, it allows to disarm from the kite permanently. The durability of leash construction guarantees to bear the weight up to 250 kg.

The used colour scheme – blue and orange – makes an identification easier and ensures very good bar visibility.


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