Ocean Rodeo Tumbler Kiteboard

Ocean Rodeo Tumbler Kiteboard

Available Sizes: 138×43 and 135x42cm


Featuring a smooth and deep single concave in the mid-section that fades into uplifted beveled rails, the Tumbler’s bottom shape and rocker profile equal speed and control under your feet in all water conditions.

The King Pin tail blends into extended rail chines to keep the tail locked in at speed, and the fins are set in channels tuned to deliver perfect tracking. The Tumbler deck features a new twist on flex and torsion control, while aggressive side shaping in strategic points allows the Tumbler to twist and flex as designed, delivering control during high powered take offs and hot landings.

Every Tumbler comes complete with Bliss Air pads, straps, grab handle and Groove 140 x 40  carbon polymer fins.



Each Smoothy board includes our Bliss pads and straps.

Easily adjusted on the water, the Bliss pads & straps are designed to work with all Ocean Rodeo and most other brand’s twin tip kiteboards.

Featuring ultra durable and comfortable dual density EVA foam pads and near infinite strap configuration options the Bliss pad & strap system present your feet with the perfect balance of comfort and control when riding.


Carve harder, go fasters, stay in control.

Made of high grade, durable carbon polymer, the Groove 140 features a precision shaped groove runs lengthways along the foil, diverting air pockets before they reach the fin tip.

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