Overboard Dry Pouch

Overboard Dry Pouch

Product DescriptIon:

Constructed from lightweight TPU-coated ripstop nylon fabrics and featuring our trusty Fold Seal System, this weatherproof dry pouch is super durable too. And for the ultimate in convenient access, this small weatherproof bag easily buckles onto your belt or bag loops.

These dry pouches are also great for organising and storing smaller items inside a larger waterproof bag or holdall. 


  • Weatherpoof Pouch - Class 2: IP65
  • Protects contents from dirt, sand and dust
  • Durable, wipe clean and easy to store away
  • Stitched and taped seams
  • Not suitable for full submersion
  • Not suitable for electronics

What's Included:

  • 1 x Weatherpoof Dry Pouch
  • 1 x Instructions / Care Guide

Tech Specs


  1. Weatherproof Fold Seal System™ IP65
  2. Lightweight TPU-coated ripstop nylon fabric
  3. Stitched and taped seams


Weatherproof Dry Pouch Size Guide

Weatherproof Dry Pouch

    1. Height: 11cm / 4.5“
    2. Width: 15cm / 6“
    3. Weight: 0.17kg


Roll the neck of the dry bag tightly over plastic fastener 3-4 times purging some air if required.

Attach the buckles to seal the pouch and create a foul weather and spray proof seal.

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