Ripcurl Flashbomb 5/4mm Women's Wetsuit

Rip Curl Women's Flash Bomb 5/4 Hooded Chest Zip Wetsuit

Product DescriptIon:



For the ladies who want the best wetsuit possible - No compromises - Constructed with the most advanced neoprene and loaded with the latest ocean technology. This is the best women's cold water suit on the market, no questIon. Filled with all the features of the 2012 Award winning Flash Bomb, with a women's specific design engineered to flex, perform and retain heat better than ever. This suit is in a league of its own for women's cold water performance suits.

The Rip Curl Women's Flash Bomb 5/4 Hooded Chest Zip Wetsuit is the top of the line hooded suit available for the cold water ladys out there. There isn't another suit on the market that compares in terms of fit, flexibilty, and warmth.


NEW E4 NEOPRENE:20% Lighter then E3, warmer and more flexible.

E4 Flash Lining:30% more stretch. Two engineered layers that funnel water rapidly out of the suit making it the warmest adnd most comfortable lining and comfort.

E4 Tape: The new E4 super stretch tape on the internal seams allows the seam to stretch to its maximum potential while sealing water out. Not to mentIon its SUPER comfortable. The Flash Bomb is 100% internally taped, to provide ultimate warmth, comfort and flexibility.

Aqualock Waterproof Zip: A thin, low profile waterproof zipper, that locks water out, without restricting movement like other bulky zippers. Also, a reverse zipper allows for a bigger opening for easier entry.

4 Way Stretch Panels: The back seam on the Flash Bomb is engineered to minimize seam restrictIon and maximize comfort. It allows for unrestricted movement while paddling and performing maneuvers.

Seamless Underarms and Shoulders: Exactly what it sounds like, no seams on your armpits or shoulders. Maximizes flex and comfort, no more rash!

Drainage System: A three hole drainage system in the chest zip design of the Flash Bomb allows excess water to drain quickly and efficiently so you don't notice it!

S-Flex Knees: Super Flexible, yet ridiculously durable knee pads. These allow unrestricted movement while providing the more durable knee pad on the market.

Mesh Skin: Smooth Mesh Skin Panels on the chest and back help insulate and absorb solar heat, as well as keep wind chill down.

Stash Pocket: External over fold flap with key loop pocket. No more zipper means no more problems!

Rip Curl Hoods

Rip Curl hoods are the best, most thought out design on the market for cold water surfers. Not only have they obviously taken a ton of time to design them, they have perfected them over the years by listening to feedback from team riders, core shops, and suit testers around the globe in some of the most frigid places, making them the most comfortable hoods on the market.

Hood Features:

E-4+ Neck Panels: The panneling around the neck of Rip Curl hoods is made with E-4+ material, making sure that the neck is super flexible and doesn't give you that "snap back" effect, and lets your head move freely and unrestricted.

Peripheral VisIon: The cut of Rip Curl's hoods is such that it allows natural peripheral visIon, and won't block any views or give you a claustrophobic effect.

Lock Slide Hood: An attached and adjustable shock cord design lets you keep the hood as snug as you want, without letting water in, and without it whipping you in the face.

Chin Cup: An adjustable chin cup that is just as comfortable whether you decide to wear it on your chin, or under it.

Short Brim Visor: The short brim visor on Rip Curl's hoods allows water to run off the side of the hood when you duckdive, rather than onto your face.



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